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Precipitation processes

We focus on fundamental issues of precipitation analysis and modelling - the development of stochastic models for rainfall, parameter estimation, model validation. The scaling behaviour of precipitation and its the space-time variability are also core research topics.

Hydrologic extremes and natural hazards

Flood runoff analysis is a core research focus of the group. We conduct statistical analyses of flood frequency, flood regionalisation and flood routing. In terms of natural hazard analysis we have an interest in real-time flood forecasting.

Hydrologic modelling

Physically-based distributed hydrological modelling tools are being developed in the research group. Our interest is in rainfall-runoff models applicable at scales from the field scale to the large watershed scale. Process-based analyses and water management analyses are special interests. Of particular interest is the modelling of interactions between biotic and abiotic process, ecohydrology of riparian zones.

Soil erosion and sediment transport

The sediment balance at the watershed scale is an important research topic. We look at the upland sediment production, delivery through the river network, to the sediment yield at watershed outlets. Connected issues with sediment transport are river morphology and river network topology.

Climate and glaciers

The analysis of snowmelt processes and the study of glaciers are core interests. The group is conducting field measurements and modelling of snow cover and snowmelt in the Alps.

Scaling properties of hydrological processes

Downscaling and upscaling of hydrological processes are a core interest.

Climate change impact on hydrology and water resources

A particular societal interest is on the impacts of climate change. The group has research interests in the regional impacts of climate change and variability on water resources in general, on extreme events and variability in particular.

Hydrology and Ecosystem Services

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