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TiRiLab is part of the project HyMoCARES (HydroMorphological assessment and management at basin scale for the Conservation of Alpine Rivers and related Ecosystem Services).


Funding is provided under the EU Alpine Space Program through the New Regional Policy of the Swiss Confederation.

TiRiLab is a collaborative project between IfU, VAW at ETH Zurich and the Canton Tessin. It offers Master students in Environmental Engineering at ETH opportunities for MSc Projects starting in the Autumn Semester 2017. Students will work on river case studies in Tessin and gain experience in practical problem solving and hands-on practice with the simulation tool BASEMENT applied to the problem of hydromorphological assessment of Alpine rivers and their ecosystem services.

BASEMENT Maggia simulation
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  • is a river research and education laboratory in Environmental Engineering at ETH Zürich focussed on rivers in Tessin
  • provides a platform for MSc students in Environmental Engineering to apply their knowledge in analysis/numerical modelling to practical river problems
  • promotes skills for the job market: independent problem formulation, interdisciplinarity, client interaction (reporting, presentation)

Examples of Potential Topics

Target Rivers: Maggia and Ticino

  • flood simulation (e.g. flood peaks, attenuation, etc.)
  • hydrogeomorphological habitat simulation
  • inundation and riparian vegetation disturbance
  • aquatic habitat simulation using PHABSIM approaches (e.g. fish populations)
  • longitudinal sediment transport connectivity
  • minimum/environmental flow releases strategies
  • hydropeaking effects
  • ecosystem services assessment

Project Schedule

Fall Semester (Sem 1) Numerical Hydraulics Course
Spring Semester (Sem 2)

River Morphodynamic Modelling Course

Application to the TiRiLab

Fall Semester (Sem 3)

Ecohydraulics and Habitat Modelling Course

Fluvial Systems Course

Project Work in TiRiLab

Spring Semester (Sem 4) Dissemination Activity


Eligibility: Attendance and good performance in the River Morphodynamic Modelling course

Application Documents: Applicants are requested to submit a short research proposal (2 pages), a brief CV and Transcript(s) of Records in PDF format. Please consider the project outlines (PDF, 358 KB) when preparing your research proposal.

Selection: up to 4 students per year will be selected on a competitive basis

Additional Information on Sites and Topics: 2 June 2017

Application Deadline: 15 June 2017 (extended)

Selection Notification: 30 June 2017



Use the TiRiLab mailing list to contact us

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