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The Chair of Hydrology and Water Resources Management has been established in January 1997, by appointment of its present holder, Prof. Dr. Paolo Burlando. Since then, a research group has been created, which deals with teaching and research activities in the field of surface water hydrology and of water resources analysis, planning and management.

The main interests and goals of the group consist of developing basic and applied research in the fields of analysis and modelling of

  • precipitation processes
  • soil water infiltration and runoff formation
  • river basin response
  • hydrologic extremes, flood runoff generation, flood-routing, and flood forecasting
  • hydrologic modelling
  • soil erosion and sediment transport
  • alpine hydrology
  • scaling properties of hydrological processes
  • climate change impact on hydrology and water resources
  • water balance analysis and modelling
  • optimal allocation and management of water resources

The Chair is responsible for teaching courses within the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering at ETH Zurich, as well as within the permanent education program of ETHZ.

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